14 June 2012


i first saw CIC in a backyard in Syracuse NY when the first day of HELLFEST Y2K was cancelled. Maharaj played that night too.It was humid as fvck and we were all in downer moods cuz first day of fest was off and we stood outside a fucking building all day getting harassed by cops...so anyways a buncha people parked cars a circle and left they lights on and set the stage for CIC...it was fuckin sick..i was 15 years old and ran away from home to go to the fest.luckily the fest got moved to albany or some shit and it went down...highlights were converge,bane,ISIS!!(when they were fucking good as fuck)....anyways enough rambling..since that night CIC have remained one of my favorite 90's technical grindcore bands and had an impact on my life for sure.