24 August 2014


new jersey grind. new full length in the works. for now listen to a few minutes and be stoked on it.

12 August 2014



evil brazilian/german old school death metal. if you dig slayer and sepultura then you'll dig these dudes.

CxIxB // 7"

screaming scum-punk hardcore from italy

WORLD'S FAIR // Bastards Of The Party

shit this good always seems to be from ny. sick boom bap shit with some party hits. these dudes spit bars. nyc's new crew to pay attention to.

MEYHEM LAUREN // Silk Pyramids

just might be the new king of new york. dudes probably eating a lavish meal as we speak

COFFIN BIRTH // Necrotic Liquefaction

more australian dudes grinding the shit out of my ears. just listened to this twice in a row, you should do the same

10 August 2014

KYOTY // Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful Past

killer instrumental hardcore, metal, doom, post something rock. friends of ours. entrancing live shows..great for substances

IRON REAGAN // Spoiled Identity EP

13 songs in four and a half minutes. no chance to think.
these guys next full length comes out in september.

09 August 2014


australian black metal hardcore doom fucking killers. so good. burn a cone and trash your neighborhood.

CELLO FIGARO // Concerto Grosso

mc/producer from virginia. his beats have a very musical style, shits pretty unique, dude should be bigger than he is.  maybe its the name.

CHEST PAIN // Weltschmerz

austin tx power-violence. this album is dope. these dudes remind me of weekend nachos a bit, heavy in your face breakdowns with similar vocals. fast n loud, with a few sick little tripped out noisey chunks scattered throughout album. if i wasnt fried i wouldve posted this before their tour.

A$AP NAST Feat. METHOD MAN - Trillmatic

asap nast is out of control. he got the funky nikes with the hat to match. this dude needs to release a mixtape or some shit. he's all over asap mob tracks, but we want more yo. this song also features meth, effortless incredible bars as always.

RAEKWON // Picasso 2 Mixtape

new raekie. speaks for itself.

NOISEM // Agony Defined

baltimore based thrash/death metal.
these dudes are like 16 and fucking rip it.

PRO ERA // Peep: The Aprocalypse

pro era boys pop rubber bands. featuring joey b, these brooklyn dudes kill it. chill beats and nasty flows

JOEY BADA$$ // 1999 Mixtape

this kid is for real. released this tape at age 17, a fact that blows my mind on every listen. incredible beats by a handful of big name producers. one of the best tapes in years, hands down. keep your eyes on this dude and the pro era crew

ISSA GOLD // Conversations With a Butterfly

first of all, this dude is one half of 'the underachievers' 
so you know this shit is tripped out and g all rolled up. 
if you dont fuck w/ the underachievers... GTFOH

IRON REAGAN // Worse Than Dead

killer in your face thrash metal / punk crossover type shit.
one of the sickest live acts going right now.
should be your new favorite band.